Hello and welcome to a brand new post. If you’re feeling the same way I do about winter and its last days left, you just wish for it to be over already. It’s been enough of dark and cold days, I need back light, sun and color! That’s why today, let’s talk about upcoming spring fashion trends 2017 or in other words, [s]pring it up. 

Comfortable Width

The last decade, men spent their time to justify the fact that not only women can wear tight clothes, men can do too (Hello, gender equality!). Yet, let’s be honest, tight jeans for instance are not quite comfy and therefore the industry came up with fabrics usually used for business trousers and made them socially acceptable for casual wear. And I personally love them, I just started to get me some more of those pants but still even those slacks can be quite uncomfortable when having a skinny fit.  That’s why I am happy that 2017 spring fashion foresees the tailored fit and generally a more loose fit on pants, jeans and shirts for men. The trick the fashion industry performs though is not to combine just a wider shirt with tight pants, but rather design clothes in a way they look loose but still have nice way of showing off your silhouette. Call it tailored fit,  slim fit or cali fit but just know, those items will rock your spring 2017 and they look amazing.

TOPMAN BRAUNEnge Hose mit Vogelaugendesign, beige

Color Me Free

You heard it all before but now it’s getting better. Last couple of years women have been blessed by the power of pastel colored wear and now men strike back. Let’s face it, why shouldn’t we wanna wear pastel colors – they brighten up your outfit and your wardrobe, they look awesome and wearing mint and other colors,  attach an unique feature to your whole presence. Especially one color is going to be HUGE this season, pink! Now I am not talking about ugly neon fashion that really, really has to just disappear, I am talking about rose colors and medium, light-hued colored pink. Just look at the past fashion weeks or read some fashion magazines and they all agree that pink is the new black and I personally like it very much. Even though pink or rose is quite a soft color and much more considered to be a feminine tone, I think, combined with right items it can be a extremely masculine and an edgy thing. It is just important to know that when wearing pink, make sure you don’t overdo it with accessory and you don’t wanna wear classic pig pink, try out washed out and light rose and you are good to go.


TOPMAN Sweatshirt mit offenen Nahtkanten, pink

Check out my outfit, if you think these trends could be interesting for you too.



The Big Brown Bang

This one is my personal opinion, I haven’t even read it, nor have I seen it anywhere big time on the runways but I think that chocolate colors and especially, brown jackets will be the next big thing. Remember when beige pants, sweaters and shirts came around and everyone went nuts, I think that brown is up next for it and I am really looking forward to seeing if some big designers are on my side on this one. Some are, like Louis Vuitton, who just recently presented brownish polo shirts and bomber jackets on the runway. Check it out for yourself.

SELECTED HOMME Wildleder-Lederjacke braun
Selected Homme

I hope you liked this post and could gather some ideas for your next shopping spree, be bold with the colors and let loose with the fit, it is definitely worth it. See you next time.

XOXO Ilija


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