Joie De Vivre

Hello, hello and welcome to 2017, a year full of hope, joy and happiness for everyone I hope. I really wish every and each one of you pure contentment with life and a little awareness on your way through this brand new year. 2016 was not quite the bombshell and too much bad things happened but I came to realize some things the other day – we can not permanently focus on bad things and the past. I know it’s terrible with all the terror in the world but we can’t let some crazy shit morons take the joy out of living and loving. Remember, no one should take your freedom and the contentment in life, when you eat cake, do sports or like I recently did, hold my newborn nephew and see him smile. It is the little things that make life great and you shouldn’t remain in resentment nor start the year with thinking about things you didn’t do or regret. Start achieving the small things you wanted and you will rise. My problem always was that I wanted too much at the same time and sometimes it did work out but quite often it didn’t come out the way I wanted it. And instead of doing things step by step, I rushed and tripped over myself. This year I want to slow down and stop rushing through days, weeks and moments and enjoy sunny days more often, seeing my friends, having a laughter and appreciate myself a little more for what I am. Often we reduce ourselves to the bodies we have, to the color of skin we were born with, to the beliefs we were taught to have, the nation we live in instead of embracing the positive things we have in our life. In the end we might not all be the same but I guess we want the same, to be happy.

This year I will finish my studies, graduate and find a job but I will not make the mistake of rushing into something that seems right from the first sight on, I know that waiting is stressing sometimes but there is a path for everyone, use your potential and love life and yourself more than you maybe did 2016 and I hope it will be worth it but I am pretty sure it will. I hope this few lines rang in 2017 properly and gave you a beacon of hope, if not, I still thank you for reading this post. Have a great day and especially a year of enjoyment and happiness.

Shall we finish with some poetry…

And the day came
When the risk it took
To remain tight and closed in the bud
Was more painful
Than the risk it took bloom
This is the element of freedom
-Alicia Keys
…and music.

XO Ilija



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