Her Christmas: Your Gift Guide for Her

In my previous post, I promised that there will be a ladies special this week, focusing on gifts and presents for the girls. Now, when I picked some of the things that I will show you, I didn’t exclusively think of those items as gifts that only men can give to women but also as an idea for a women to women situations and some of the things are even quite unisex, ’cause let’s face it, most stuff men get are unisex, so why not turn the wheel around and change the game. Here are my innocent picks for some of the ladies goods.


I know it might seem crazy to let a man decide what you as a woman should wear but not every man has disgusting taste in fashion (hello, obvi?!) and some products fit for any occasion. And some other things here, I saw on the runways of this year’s fashion weeks will definitely become some cool stuff you will want to wear by the summer season 2k17.

Yumi - Langärmliges plissiertes Kleid mit Rüschenärmeln - Schwarz
ROCKAMORA Oversized Pullover 'FERN' beige
IVY & OAK Mantel grün


Every gal needs some accessory, wether it’s a bag, jewelry, sunglasses or a hat. Some items, for both women and men make outfits simply cooler and bolder. Be edgy, be bold with these cool choices.

SANDQVIST Unisex-Rucksack aus Canvas und Leder 'Hugo' schwarz

And a classic…

Ray-Ban - Aviator Silver-tone Sunglasses - Silver
Ray Ban


Since I personally am a skin care lover, I thought it just would be fair to put in a segment covering the beauty aspect of the gift-giving time. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not like most gift-kits you can giveaway for Christmas or birthdays, nor do I like giving someone perfume, cause obviously this is a very private choice everyone should make on its own, unless you spoke out your exact wish. Anyway, here are my favorite beauty presents for Christmas.

Sister & Co - Kokosnussöl, 250ml - Transparent
iWhite - Zahnaufhellungs-Set - Transparent
Beauty Extras
Tangle Teezer - Haarbürste „Ultimate“ in Schwarz - Damen EINHEITSGRÖSSE
Tangle Teezer

+GADGETS and More+

And of course some things for the home decor, fun or as an everyday helper…

City Heroes-JUNIQE Kissen
Ohh Deer - Tagebuch in marmoriertem Design in Weiß
Ohh Deer
Rahmen Bark Nature 10x15cm
Wasserflasche „After This We're Getting Pizza“ für unterwegs
Urban Outfitters

So I hope these ideas helped you a little and most of all I hope you liked my ladies special itself too, it is more of a visual entry but hey, you know what they say – a picture says more than a 1000 words, so feel inspired and good shopping everyone.

See you next time, talking about your new year’s eve outfit.

XO Ilija



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