His Christmas: Your Gift Guide for Him

Hey folks, it’s about time you start thinking about those little presents you want to giveaway this Christmas for you dearest friends and family members. This year I thought I will make it special and do a two part series on gifts for him and drumroll please, her. Yes, you heard right, I am going female for the first time and I hope you will like it, when it goes online next week. So here are my top 5 picks you can or should get the men in your life if you are out of ideas or just want to be super witty.


If the presentee is a person who is up to date, regarding fashion and trends but forced to wear suits every day, I think that brooches for men are just a perfect idea for a gift. This little trinket is barely seeable but when wearing an all black, blue or grey suit, this item calls for attention. Modern jewelry for men nowadays has such a huge range of designs and colors that even the most classy outfit can be pimped by using them. And talking about jewelry for men, there is something special coming its’ way 😉 Here is my pick for a nice brooch.

Deep Red Rose Pin

-Coffee Table Book-

As far as I am concerned, I do not know any men of modern society who don’t invest in good home decor. I am not necessarily talking about home fashion trends or whatsoever, but more about making your home like a temple, reflecting your taste and style. Wether this is very minimalistic, industrial, vintage or just casual, every guy has his home decorated and for most reasons, independent from each other, all of us try to put out our best magazines and books to impress guests, when they pass by our coffee or side table. This is why I picked a quite fashionable choice of a coffee table book, representing everything my blog stands for, modern day men fashion.

Indul-Gent Herren-Modebuch - Mehrfarbig


I pledge myself guilty, for I am a moleskinner. I love those little black books that can organize your whole life. They come in a handy size, have the perfect format and look very chic, quite hipsteresque but who cares. And if you beloved person is just as crazy as I am over organizing life itself, you should really get’em one of these.

Passion Journal Bücher

-Keep’ em Pockets Empty-

This idea actually came to my mind thanks to a friend of mine who hates coins or overfilled or oversized wallets, basically anything to big, thick or with too much space. So, he started using credit card cases that look very cool and classy and who would have guessed the world followed and suddenly I see a lot of men wearing those cases instead of wallets. But we must say, we do live in a digital world and maybe it is about time to stop handing over the cash. Check out this case bellow.

The Bridge Story Uomo Kreditkartenetui Leder 13,5 cm braun
The Bridge


This might seem a little off but I am totally sincere about this gift idea. Since I have started working on my thesis in the lab, wearing my boots or sneakers all day, I noticed that after a while my feet hurt. And this pair of Birkenstocks would actually also be on my wish list, since they’re super comfy and I think in summer they can really look cool, either with ripped denim shorts or black pants and classy aviator sunglasses. Check them out, I think they are awesome.

Birkenstock Arizona 551033, Unisex - Erwachsene Clogs & Pantoletten aus Naturleder, Braun (Braun), EU 36 (schmal)

Hope you gathered some ideas and inspirations for your Christmas shopping and see you next week with the ladies part of this holiday special. 🙂

XO Ilija



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