Oh so white: Winter Accessories for the modern Man.

When in cold, wear layers. This will work for any occasion in winter, sure, but what about style and fashion, ’cause let’s face it, a beanie destroys your hair style and most gloves for men are not very handy (ha ha got the joke?), because they’re quite thick. So, just in case you already found the right coat or a nice outfit to go with for the colder days, here are my favorite picks for winter accessories you can go with anytime and always look your best. (at least in winter)

/The Top/

Sometimes, and I personally do not very much like it either, it is just too cold to go out without something to protect your head from the cold. A cap, a beanie or whatever you decide to wear on top, doesn’t have to look like you’re about to hit the slope. There are few items that can look classy and chic and if you want to go for a business look, try on a hat. Here are some of my favorites choices for a cozy and stylisch head.

Mishumo Mütze

I really like this Mishumo beanie. It’s a simple grey cover, without any extra signs of the brand or crazy patterns. The color suits everyone and it doesn’t really draw the attention off a nice outfit or a suit. It’s a safe and quite cheap choice, but definitely a good one.

Rockamora Mütze

This Rockamora beanie is a rather braver choice in respect of pattern and color. You know, in times where everybody is wearing the typical Carhartt beanies, I think this one is braver because it’s more difficult to combine it with an outfit than the Mishumo one for instance. Yet, it’s not impossible and therefor you can always go with beige, grey and brownish color, if you decide to get yourself this beautiful beanie. You can also pick a black jacket or coat but it’s not a perfect match in my opinion.

/Cold Hands/

Now, even though hair is much more important than the look on your hands (not talking ’bout nails, they are crucial to maintain always) I think it is harder to find proper gloves. They have to be so much more than warm, beginning from being stylish to being user friendly, as you might wanna use your phone with them or still have a grip. This is why I am such a fan of either leather gloves or those smartphone gloves but in a fashionable version. Here are my picks.

Dents - Stirling - Graue Handschuhe aus Lammwolle mit Handfläche aus Leder - Grau

Those Dents gloves look very nice, one the top they consist of lambswool and on the inside, it’s real leather. Not only do they keep you warm, they also look nice and I think are very much to be considered as a great deal for those who are not into classic leather gloves. Plus they match with the two beanies I showed you above.

/Wrapped In/

Now for the scarf, I think you can really be a wild child. I wear my huge “slanket“, a word created by my fellow blogger and dear friend Anna-Maria, with ethnic black patterns. Yet, I think, when wearing an almost all-in-black/grey outfit, your scarf can make your style a little more loose and “in-trend”. I personally think red, green and beige colors are great. Check’ em out:

New Zealand Auckland Schal
New Zealand Auckland

Wrapped in red, just like a Christmas present this scarf makes your outfit a little more casual or just very cool. I think the patterns really fit the zeitgeist of fashion right now and a little color never hurt nobody.

Yet, if you don’t like red and are more one of the classic style guys, you might wanna get one of these scarfs. This one in particular has a very nice and fine pattern, I like the coffee like colors and fringes just make it a little more childish. All in all, a very nice item.

strellson Schal

So, these are my winter accessories that I think are perfect for any occasion and they certainly will keep you warm. Go follow me on facebook or instagram to stay posted and let me know what your favorite winter accessory is 🙂

XO Ilija


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