Skin Perfect Pt.2 -Kneipp Regeneration Enzyme Peeling Powder, A Review

In my previous post, I have told you that I received a product by Kneipp Cosmetics, which was an enzyme peeling powder. Our skin is a force that we use everyday to express how we feel, how we look and how we want to be looked at. For this purpose, we need to maintain our skin. One way to do so is exfoliating it. 

As I’ve told you before, I do not use exfoliator with micro granulate inside, as those plastics irritate our skin and the environment (think bigger than yourself). So, in addition to my daily brush ritual, I just started to use the Kneipp Enzyme Powder too. In order you don’t do a blind bargain, I will have a quick review for you guys so you know if it’s a top or a flop.


The product is a white powder, which starts to foam when you grind it between your wet hands. After that, you apply the foam to your cleansed face and let it do its job, for about 5-10 minutes.

You actually do not feel anything happen on your face. When I first applied it, I was kind of disappointed by the missing show effect some cosmetics, especially masks and clays have. Anyway, be sure to rinse off the product after about max. 10 minutes properly and then continue with your routine.

-The Effect

Even though there is no sparkling, fizzy happening going on when the powder is applied, there is being work done for sure. When rinsed off, you immediately feel your skin being really clean and plump. It feels smooth and neat.

Now, you can’t expect wonders from this product. I use it twice a week and I have seen some good things happening. My face seems fresher and the pores seem tightened, a little more than usual. And when applying moisturizer afterwards, it seems like the skin is soaking up the product better than it does without being exfoliated.


-The Lesson Is Clear…

The Kneipp Enzyme Peeling Powder might not be the most effective exfoliator on the market but neither are other enzyme exfoliators. So, people with rather sensitive skin, our acne prone skin might use this product, as it is extra mild and doesn’t irritate the skin at all. It lets your skin benefit from it, when used regularly, plus it is all natural cosmetics. If you have more oily skin or combined skin with imperfections and strong sebum production, a mechanic or chemical peeling might be a better solution. So for me, although I like the effect of the product, I still won’t back off my brush, cause in the end nothing exfoliates better than a good old brushing.

Innocent Rating – 3,5/5

Hope you liked this review, enjoy the rest of your week

XO Ilija


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