Skin Perfect Pt. I

Good Monday everyone, I am sorry for the delay but yesterday I had some technical issues which is why this post didn’t go online. Nevertheless it is online now and ready to be read.

So by now it is quite obvious that summer is gone and we won’t have it back until May 2017 at least. And although I personally like autumn and spring a little more than summer and winter, there is no way around the fact that both of the extreme seasons require a lot of preparation. Especially our skin needs help to stay healthy, fit and good looking throughout the colder months. Not only does it look better when we take care of our skin but it also makes us healthier. Just like any other organ, you want your skin to be ready and strong against microbes and other vermin flying around the atmosphere. I am a skin care lover, I know it sounds weird but I find it very relaxing taking care of my skin and feeling good afterwards. After a long day out and about, or a night partying or when you just feel the urge, proper skin care can lift your mood and make you feel reborn. So, without further ado, here are my skin care secrets.

  • Cleanse, Purify and Moisturize

I am sure you have heard of this like a million times but when wearing make up (for women especially) or having to be in a place with bad air quality, like an office – it doesn’t really make your skin go happy. Even working in the forest with super fresh air, we still catch up dirt in our pores, or at least our own sebum and you do not really want that stuff to stick. So, make sure you clean your skin every evening before you go to bed. I use a mild cleanser with a gel texture, afterwards a micelle water which can even be applied on the eyes and afterwards a rich moisturizer that doesn’t clog your pores but enriches the skin and hydrates it. So far, so good but here are my tricks. First of all, I never clean my face with a facial cleanser in the morning, I just use cold water. Our skin regenerates over night, producing natural oils and you actually want those to stay, so I just rinse off products from yesternight, put on some facial oil (I will come to that) and my daily moisturize, containing SPF 15 at least. SPF is super crucial, anytime – I can not remember the last time I went outside without protecting my skin from UV light. I am not keen on wrinkles, so protecting myself from radiation is a good way to go. Also, make sure you moisturize your neck. What is the use of using creams and lotions and SPF but never applying them on and around your neck, people and yourself will notice and you or at least I don’t want that.

  • Oils my friend

I don’t know why but a lot of people refuse to apply oily products to their face. I can imagine, people thinking that this just clogs your pores, causing imperfections and doesn’t really soothe your skin. Well, you are wrong. Our skin has a naturally occurring lipid layer and by washing it away with soapy products, it just makes it dry out. Applying a mattifying or water based cream doesn’t really help, most of those thing are not able to go into our skin or mix with our natural composites, which is why you should use oils. Now I am not speaking of olive oil and those you use for cooking, but for instance neem, marigold, rose oil etc. Essential oils will actually mix with our natural oils, causing sebum production to be lowered, dry parts to be perfectly hydrated and all in all giving you a nice glow without making you look like a flash bulb. Also, many oils have been scientifically proven to slower aging processes as they protect our skin from environmental pollutants.

This Works - Skin Deep - Beauty-Öl, 8 ml - Transparent
This Works
  • Let’s Do Magic

So except maybe for the oils, I am sure you heard all other things before, just like the facts that you have to drink a lot of water etc.. Now I want to give you an insight on the things I do to look radiant, if I am lucky.

Use a brush, I quit using exfoliates with micro particles inside, which are mostly plastics. They do not treat your skin well and also micro slice your skin at some point if it is sensitive. Plus, a lot of those exfoliating products at your local drug store are quite aggressive and do not really contain good ingredients. So if you must use one of those, please switch to organic products or use an electronic brush, like I do. I think the Clarasonic Mia was the first brush to ever open the discussion about using such tools for you face, unfortunately the Mia brush is expensive and not even I want to spend 100 bucks on a brush. Luckily there are many alternatives, starting from 15 to 50 bucks, which just work perfectly fine. It exfoliates mildly, gives you an massage and therefor rises circulation, which is good for applying products afterwards, as they will penetrate your skin better. Oh and by the way, pores do not close or open, that is a myth. Pores are alway open, they just can clog, which causes beak-outs or they can widen and shrink with your facial blood circulation. But please forget saying, pores open up when treated with warm water, it’s just not true.

Another way around to clarify your skin is by using a facial mask and actually pop some zits but professionally. There are so called comedone extractors for about 5€ which you can buy online. Of course you can also treat yourself to a professional cosmetic treatment but it is not very cheap and it takes the fun out of popping those bastards. Yet, if you follow my tipps, you won’t have to pop anything too often anyway. Ok, so next thing I do regularly is to use facial masks, either to clear or to calm and moisturize my skin. A friend of mine, who recently went to Israel was so kind to bring me some dead sea clay, which I haven’t tried yet but I am super stoked about it.  Which mask you use is up to you, but be sure it doesn’t irritate your skin and suits your skin type too.

And my last revelation is enzyme powder. Instead of using mechanical powers or acidic treatments, I go super mild and exfoliate dead skin and a dull complexion with enzymes. Those biochemical power workers will make you look healthy and fresh and I am looking forward to testing out the enzyme power exfoliate I recently got by Kneipp. I will actually give you a review on that product as an addition to this post. 🙂


Hope you liked my advice and secrets and I apologize for the delay again.
See you next time.

XO Ilija



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