An Innocent Fall Pt.2 – The Top Coat

“Whoever said that money can’t buy happiness, simply didn’t know where to go shopping.” — Bo Derek

So, it is time for the second part of my “an innocent fall” series and this time I want to show you an OOTD, more or less. Recently I went to Asos to check what cool jackets they have, you know those lighter ones to wear in the transition of  summer to fall. However, I couldn’t find something appropriate so I just looked around randomly and hello my love. After a while I came across a beautiful camel colored coat by the danish brand Produkt, which I already fell in love with during my stay in Antwerp, Belgium. So I considered myself very lucky, having found this piece of greatness and I ordered it. Today I want you to see it and give you some similar pieces and advice on how to do coats.


When wearing a colored coat, like the one on my picture, make sure not to overlap it with too many other items or colors that might pop into the eye of attention. You want it all to be about the coat. Do you know those guys, wearing such a colored coat and then they go ahead and mix it with a red scarf or some colored bag etc. – please don’t do it. It does not look fashionable or creative, simply chaotic. Color blocking is for summer, not for autumn.

If you like my coat so far, here is some similar recommendation for you.


Bellfield - Wollmantel in Hellbraun - Beige

Now for my outfit I chose to go very simple on that with my dark blue jeans, my leather boots and a black turtleneck. Of course you can choose to wear some different shades than black, when wearing a coat but be sure they all match. A wine red turtleneck or a olive green sweater would look amazing with such a coat, you will simply have to try it out but it will be easy to tell on this one, trust me. Also you can always go with white, beige or any other dark toned color, just don’t do overly loud patterns or colors. Even a band shirt would look friggin’ cool with such a piece of fashion.



And regarding accessories, you can pull off stuff like wearing a backpack with an elegant coat, just make sure it looks appropriate. Don’t overdo it with extra pieces, for instance huge necklaces and so on. A nice watch or some cool shades are all you will need with it.

SANDQVIST - Rucksack Stig, marineblau
ASOS - Breite, runde Sonnenbrille in Schwarz - Schwarz

So, I hoped you like this outfit post and maybe got some ideas for your next outfit or you want to have a coat now. Anyway, do your thing, feel comfy and enjoy fall fashion. See you next sunday.

XO Ilija



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