An Innocent Fall – 3 Trends To Watch Out For

“Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” —Lauren Hutton

And with this quote I am welcoming you back on my brand new blog website. It’s been a long summer and an even longer while since you’ve heard of me and I apologize for that. You know, I consider summer a private time, where I spent some lone time and re-energize for good. But since the weather is getting cooler and the days shorter, I gladly say I’m back and I am bringing you rock’n roll to your fashion world this season.

I seriously find summer fashion boring, I mean what is there to wear for men – we have witnessed classic looks with chino shorts, short sleeve shirts, denim wear up and down under, the plain white T and many more things, yet there is no big change in the summer game. Patterns, colors, fabrics – I can’t really remember the last time a new trend was set in men’s summer wear but that’s exactly why men’s fall fashion is there for.

Now, don’t get me wrong, fashion does repeat itself over the years and decades and everything comes back, just like the 90‘s do now – but with more space covered on your body, there is more to experience regarding our most favorite shopping items, clothes.

This years men’s fall fashion trends reach from fine brown and copper colors, to naval style, to 90’s grunge and to posh coats and jackets, which will be the topic of my next post on sunday 😉

All The Leaves Are Brown


Fall is the cozy and warm season, we all feel comfortable with when surrounded by welcoming and jovial colors, either as candles, home decoration, food or accessories. So I’m asking, why not bringing those colors onto our clothing and feel fall following us around 24/7. Major fashion designers have launched great pieces of wear this season, mainly containing orange and brown colors, drifting even to a warm copper tone. I, myself love brownish colors, as I am naturally quite pale, this sort of shade brings back some warmth to my look and flatters my brown hair. So, for theses colors I can say, people who are rather tending to be pale by nature, independent of their hair color, can wear yellowish, brownish and copper/red- ish colors for fall 100%.

Source: GQ UK

In The Navy


So the navy, marine look has come a long way to meet us (again). Navy stripes and marine looks have never gotten out of fashion, they’ve just always been celebrated in the background. I remember when blue and white became a huge trend and everyone was wearing it, then suddenly it slowly became more of a thing, rich or wannabe-rich people did in summer, when slipping into their Tommy Hilfiger boat shoes and Ralph Lauren polo shirts (JK). Anyway, it became the style of a certain group of people, which is sad but in 2016 we celebrate the big comeback of the sailing knot pattern and the blue-white coloring. Knot patterns in different sizes and colors are having a huge impact and not only semi-rich people look good in them, everyone does. 

Source: OUT Magazine

Smells Like Teen Spirit


So, this one is not really a big surprise. We have witnessed the 90‘s emerging back to the ground big time since last year’s summer but this time it comes with a slight change. Remember all the loose and baggy clothes people used to wear back in the days, when TV was still good TV and we all used to watch 90210, Charmed, Buffy or Friends? Well, guys one part of it is back. Inspired by the grunge music style and a lot of big names of the 90’s fashion doesn’t wait for it to be heard on that one. Crazy styles, stickers, patterns or simple basics with a loose fit can be modified to look very cool, cozy and highly fashionable at the same time this fall. Just do what Cobain did, but not the drugs! 😛

Source: College Fashion

So, this was it. This was my fall- comeback post and I am already sorry if you expected more but I am grateful for you reading this article and combing back to my blog. Next round is happening already this sunday, which I am very excited for, so make sure to tune in.

XOXO Ilija


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