Hey people, recently university has kept me very busy but now I am ready to come back into the game with blogging and stuff (sorry for that). Anyways, since temperatures are rising and the weather is getting hotter and more humid, I figured we could use some beauty advice to keep our heads cool and our bodies fresh over the summer holidays. I got some very nice products you should get and some important tipps to stay fit for purpose on any occasion this summer. This chapter is the first one of the new 1O1 series with another one yet to come that I will be doing the whole summer

Head Banger

The most important thing to do with you hair in summer is to keep it fresh all the way. Sweaty workouts, strong radiation and humidity can cause smelly and greasy hair or even dandruff. What most guys do wrong is to use an aggressive shampoo against oils and dandruff to keep’em in control, when in fact this destroys the natural ecosystem of your hair and skin and results with a dried out and itchy scalp. My advise for you guys is: Wash your head with cool water and do not shampoo it every day, unless you have greasy hair. It is okay to make it wet every day and to comb it, but do not shampoo it every day. To get rid off bad odor , if you are prone to sweaty hair, use a mixture of vinegar and lemon juice and rinse your hair with it. I promise this will help 100% and it will give you healthy and shiny looking hair. When shampooing it, a mild product is the best choice you can make and for that purpose I really much recommend the deep cleansing shampoo by Tony&Guy. It takes out all the dirt and styling essentials you used on you hair and it even helps to detox it. Another thing is, I stopped using conditioner, because the silicon in most of them are just not good for you scalp and can cause dandruff (been there, done that, more than once). This is why I switched to moisturizing leave-in oils, serums and lotions. They keep your hair soft, healthy and good looking.

Toni & Guy - Tiefreinigendes Shampoo für Herren 250ml - Schwarz
Toni&Guy Men
Aveda Men


In case you follow me on Instagram, you must have noticed that I posted a picture of Old Lumber Mill’s Pomade. It is a german product that has an incredibly nice lemon smell and it reminds me of being by the beach and having a nice drink. Yet, the best thing to come is that it actually consists of natural ingredients without silicon or mineral oil. Also, it gives you a nice hold with an easy feeling on your hair. There are more products for styling I like to use but recently I stripped it down to pomade and maybe hairspray if I really want my style to have a hardcore hold for a day. Here are some really good products worth buying.

Uppercut Deluxe - Pomade - Mehrfarbig
Uppercut Deluxe

But you know sometimes when you wake up, get out of bed and like what you see in the mirror, when you hair is just unbearably on point and you don’t actually want to change but more fix it – here is what you need, a texturizing sea salt spray that makes you hair stay and look natural all the way but moreover it nourishes it and smells super nice.

Sea Salt Texturising Mist, 175ml Brown
Lavett & Chin

So gentlemen and ladies, I hope you liked this first part of my new series and I am thrilled to, soon present you another series I have been planing to do for you. And of course as usual I hope you could gather some advice, ideas or inspirations from this post. See you soon.

XO Ilija


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