Proper Beach Wear 2k16

So, I’m back. I took some time off, because courses, classes and life basically. However, just because I didn’t express myself in lyrical form, doesn’t mean that I didn’t post at all. In case you follow me on Instagram you must have noticed a lot of things going on right now in my life and for all those not following me yet, click here and do it now. So, anyways I was in Italy last week and it was absolutely amazing. The food, the places, the people, the nature and of course Adele (duh, obviously!) and my all time favorite the beach.

Now this got me thinking about beach wear. We all like to wear new trends and the hottest clothes in summer but when it comes to beach wear, most of us tend to go lighter on material and less en vogue. But one doesn’t exclude the other. Today I am showing you cool and fresh stuff you can wear on the your way to the beach, lake or pool, bathing suits and what to wear when you want to grab a drink or a bite to eat at the restaurant next to the beach, but don’t wanna go shirtless. So, if you’re ready, let’s start planing our beach fashion 2k16

On Your Way

When the sun’s out and it’s slightly getting hotter outside, first of all use SPF 30 at least and don’t underestimate the radiation, cover yourself up with some loose shirt, maybe a hat, cool sunglasses and the most awesome shorts you can get. Here are some examples:


LIPODO Luke Herren Strohhut - natur
Reclaimed Vintage - Hemd in regulärer Passform mit Reverskragen und Blumenmuster - Rosa
Reclaimed Vintage
ASOS - Schmale Chino-Shorts in Hellgrau - Aluminium
TOPMAN Sonnenbrille mit Kunststoff-Halbfassung, weiß

Swimming Season

My swim wear is a short trunk with military print in green and this might not be everyone’s taste. So, this is why I gathered some options for you, check them out bellow.

Native Youth - Badeshorts mit Kontrastbund - Blau

You should have a tan for the blue ones though 😉

ASOS - Kurze Badeshorts mit Flamingoprint - Blau

Hungry By The Beach

A man’s gotta eat, especially when having a swim in the wild ocean or just dipping into the water. Yet, you’ll get hungry eventually and might wanna grab a drink or snack at the beach bar. Since times have changed and it’s not appropriate anymore to go have lunch shirtless even being by the beach, here is some light fashionable tank top you can throw yourself into, when having a short break.

Ilitiste-Männer Tanktop

I hope you liked this post and got some cool ideas for your next trip to the beach. See you soon.

XOXO Ilija


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