H&M World Recycle Week 18/4-24/4

Hello guys, I hope you are all good and even better. Now, just like me I know you like to shop, wear new and fashionable clothing, always be on the hunt for new trends and styles. Yet, what most of us never consider when buying clothes is how they affect our environment. 

The production of textiles and fabric isn’t as innocent as we would like it to be. Dye, cotton and large quantities of water are being used every single day so we can wear the hottest s*it. And don’t get me wrong, I say it is okay to some extend to buy clothing and shop for fashion, I do the same, but it is time we give something back. I am sure, as I do certainly, all of you guys have multiple fabrics and clothes you don’t wear anymore or need, or they got stains you can’t wash out?! Well, in this case consider the H&M World Recycle Week! 

H&M launched this project in 2013 actually, but in a smaller scale. Now they want to show us fashion lovers that it is possible to break out of this vicious circle and prevent textiles from landing in the trash bin. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a lonely sock, an old kitchen towel, your bed sheets from childhood or the special underwear you bought but you went Hannibal Lector on them in the bus home. 😛

gutscheineBasically you can recycle everything made of fabric and I actually support this very much. I went to the H&M store in Vienna past Tuesday and the cool thing about this project is that every time you bring in a bag full of stuff to recycle, you get two 15% vouchers on your favorite pic next time you go shopping to H&M. I had so much stuff, I even got four. 😀

Apart from the discount, I think it is a brilliant idea H&M had and I am gladly supporting it. Only one t-shirt can save 2100 liters of water and 95% of all textiles thrown away can be recycled, which is great but we don’t do it regularly. So, let’s be kind, let’s be brave and go recycle every day. 😉 Well, no but at least do it once this week.

If you want to know what happens with all the stuff collected at the stores worldwide, check out the video bellow. What I think is also cool about this whole week is the brand new video by singer/rapper M.I.A and her song Rewear It”.

I hope you liked this post and really consider mucking out some stuff and bring it to your local H&M store. In the end, it is for a good cause. And for all those haters out there, no I really don’t think it is fake and of course it is publicity for H&M but isn’t it better to do something at least, instead of doing nothing?!

With these words I say bye bye and see you next time.

XOXO Ilija


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