Lumberjack Style

Usually I wouldn’t roll with the flow on this one and I used to wear check shirts a few years ago, when “lumberjack” wasn’t a trend term to follow, for men to be manly. Anyways it has something to it, I must admit. It looks casual, cozy and just like you didn’t give a lot effort in figuring out what to wear. I think lumberjack styling is something for the more fashion lazy fellas among us, who still want to look cool and somewhat fashionable.


It seems like that those colors I mentioned in the headline are basically those you need to wear when doing a lumberjack outfit. Yet, recent outfits proved that wrong, a lot colors and patterns have changed and I think they look awesome. Here is my rather classic lumberjack outfit.



2016-03-05 16.00.41

As you can see, I chose to combine my Selected Homme boots with a simple blue jeans, a red check shirt and a more of a rock’n roll style shirt with a huge print on it. It is casual, looks cool and to be honest was super little effort to create it. This is what I like about the styling, it is simply easy. Check out some pieces I picked, if you want to recreate the outfit.

Only & Sons - Gebürstetes Karohemd - Tiefes Bordeauxrot
SELECTED - Schwarzes T-Shirt mit Rundhalsausschnitt Symbol
Nudie Jeans Co Jeans 'Grim Tim' hellblau

And now, talking about new patterns and style in lumberjack-outfits, I want to show you some of my favorite outfits I found on Instagram. I gathered them from my favorite bloggers and some fashion websites I follow.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-06 um 14.42.39
Magic Fox
Bildschirmfoto 2016-03-06 um 14.46.21
Francesco Costagliola


I hope you liked this post and could rally some ideas for your next “piece of cake” lumberjack style.

xoxo Ilija



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