Ready To Run

Ever since I came back from my semester abroad I started doing Crossfit, and I love it. It’s short, effective and simply hardcore. So, this made me think about sports wear and how to look on point while sweating your guts out. Here are some favorite pics from me, for you.


Sports wear is more functional nowadays, just like modern workouts. If you happen to become somewhat wet during workout, and you will, new functional sports shirts will let the moist and sweat rather vapor away than soak it up, just like what a usual tee would do. And I know, for some of you it might seem to be an unnecessary luxury to spend some extra cash on some „magical“ fabric t-shirt but it really does help and especially with a sport like Crossfit, you feel less uncomfortable when not looking like you might die of dehydration!

Hummel hummel Kain Funktionsshirt Herren blau
Hummel Shirt



Even when doing sports, you can manage to look good and I am not saying that you need an outfit for that purpose, as even I think this would be a little too much. Yet, some nice shorts make your workout seem stylish and freshen up a rather dull look! So, leave that old pants at home, do you hear me!

REEBOK Reebok CrossFit Super Nasty Tactical Trainingsshort Herren gelb
Reebok Shorts
PUMA Puma 10
PUMA Shorts



For those of you, who like to do running or basically anything in the wild and free or just a park, an interesting piece of fashion is sports outerwear, since it is protecting the body from undercooling and it keeps the sweat stay in, so it can’t make you catch a cold. That’s why you should dress up in these cool outerwear choices for you workout.

super.natural Merino-Zip-Hoodie COMBUSTION CLOUD im Materialmix
odlo Funktionswäsche-Hose EVOLUTION WARM
ODLO Functional Wear


I hope you liked this little post about sports wear. I know it might not be one of the most interesting fashion topics to discuss, but I thought I’d give it a try. See you wednesday with a whole outfit post on the “lumberjack” style.

xoxo Ilija



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