Last week I introduced “Living” on Innocentilija and I told you that I am about to re- decorate some things in my apartment. And I did, today I’ve got a nice DIY for you guys, now this might be something is not very man’ish but the good thing about it is that you can create and paint in any color you want and like. Let’s see what we need…

  1. Now this point is the best thing about doing your own vases. So, if you want one, you’ve either got to drink up some wine, beer or any other liquid in a glass bottle or ask someone for bottles. I chose those bottles…


2. You’ll need to buy a brush and some acrylic paint. For this purpose I chose metallic colors. As I said it is completely up to you what paint you chose, you can go also go with more dull colors like grey, black, brown etc or loud ones like green, red, blue, yellow etc. That’s what I call degree of freedom!

3. Now, make sure your bottles are actually empty, clean and dry. You can take off the label from each bottle but I was simply too lazy and it is not really necessary, if you use good paint (each of mine was 2,8€).

4. Then the fun begins! Start painting the bottles by applying the color with the brush and always go in one direction, don’t do chaotic swarming, unless you want them to look like this. My colors are metallic green, blue and copper, but I mixed green and blue to get a more marine colored tone. One of my favorite colors was metallic granite but I didn’t want it, as I my plan was to bring color to my space not another piece of grey.


5. Do this with all of your bottles and let them dry. Once they are, put them in a right place and you are done.

6. And with some flower you can pimp them even more. Now, I don’t like the red flowers but they were the only fake botanic they had at the shop, so we all have to deal with it.


… and the copper ones


I hope you liked my little DIY adventure, even though this isn’t something I would actually post but I figured, it is a part of my “LIVING” so, let’s give it a try.

XO Ilija


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