Muted Color Spring

So, recently I went online to check some fashion magazines for men and read what will be coming this spring and summer in relation to fashion and I couldn’t help but smile and glow. Muted colors are back and ready to attack!

And it’s not just because I got influenced by my friends in Antwerp but also because I found out that muted tones are fitting my style much more better than loud colors like red, yellow or green, just those colors (especially red) that were very fashionable the past 2-3 years. Basically, me reading those articles led to a lot ideas and will probably lead to a lot of shopping soon. Today I want to show you one very simple and classy outfit you can either wear on your casual day at the office and still look smoking hot or just the perfect outfit for nice spring day. 

I chose to wear a basic white shirt and on top of it another blue shirt, combined with a basic beige chino pants.


Chinos are really coming up strong this season, especially white ones, so you might want to consider buying some of those. Still be aware that you shouldn’t buy chinos with a fabric that is too transparent. If you want a save way to do white pants, you can always go for denim. Jeans are thick enough not to let anything shine through 😉



Another thing I really love about the upcoming fashion is that men are becoming more classy again. You can wear a blazer or a classy bottom down shirt without considering going to a wedding. Also long sleeve shirts, t-shirts and shoes are getting more basic.
When you choose a long sleeve shirt, be sure your shoulders are fitted perfectly, otherwise you look like a potato sack on the loose. Same goes for t-shirts and if you feel comfortable enough, don’t be afraid to show some skin, a deep neckline isn’t only for the girls anymore.

So, are you excited for this fashion or do you like the way things were before? 😉 Anyway here are some items you might consider buying if you want to look fresh this spring.

ASOS - Enge Chino-Hose - Weiß


ASOS - Langes T-Shirt mit 3/4-Ärmeln, Stretch-Ausschnitt - Verwaschenes Schwarz

Regarding shoes, you can simply go for slippers in black or white or these beauties.

Dr. Martens Schnürschuhe 'Mayport' Herren beige/weiss
Dr. Martens

For accessory I would highly recommend being bold with gold or silver, like this watch and sunglasses

NIXON - Goldene Uhr Kensington
Spitfire - Warp - Runde Sonnenbrille in Gold - Gold


I hope you liked the post today and could gather some ideas to freshen up your closet. This time I tried to give you some more advice on how to do and wear these trends, hopefully it worked.

See you next week

XO Ilija


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