Introducing: LIVING’s me. Well I am back, literally back. I am back in Vienna and after all the last stress and fuss of my exchange semester is left behind now, I am more willing and eager to hit you up with some new stuff than before.

So I know that I told you that I will introduce you to the LIVING Section at Innocentilija, which I will and now I want to explain to you why, and especially why I changed some concepts of the original post I wanted to share. I know I said that I want to do a big post about design and art but in the end of it all, I decided it is not necessary – everybody is defining art and design in another way and so maybe the only words left to say about design and art is that in my opinion is has a certain power of confidence and comfortability it can give you, making you feel like an unique part of an entire world. Therefore and since not everybody can afford high end art or design pieces for him or herself I decided to extend my blog to the living area. So let’s start. 🙂


My furniture is very basic, a lot of dark wood, a lot of white and no loud colors or patterns and I like it that way, I like simplicity of things and moreover I love pieces that never grow old or out of fashion, an evergreen if you want it so. So, now I want to show you pieces I think are worth their money and why you should buy them.



Beistelltisch Kidney Nature (2/Set)
Side Table by KARE DESIGN

Did you ever come home and couldn’t find a proper spot to put your keys on it or your mail to check it later? Well, let me help you with that.
KARE Design is know for it’s wooden designs and modern approach on known furniture. What I like about these 2 tables is that they have a quite specific shape, yet don’t scream “look at me, look at me”. They are just there but they do it very good.


Not the Artdeco you think now but more accessory for your home, your office, your anything with walls, for you to feel much more comfy.


Vase 17cm, hellblau
Vase by Bloomingville

Spring is soon to come and since my apartment is very plane white and black/brownish, I really want to spice it up with pastel colors and items, not to much but a slight touch of it. I really like this vase by Bloomingville, it has a edgy shape with some blunt cuts and ends and I love the color. I even know where would put it, do you? 😉


Tropical-Heat-011-Limitierte Edition gerahmt
Tropical Heat by JUNIQE

I really like paintings, pictures and photographs and this one caught my eye. Jungle theme is coming up big this spring and summer, just go look at the H&M Home Shop and you’ll find plenty shades of green and dark blue and turquoise. And I must say, I really do like it, it gives a white wall a lot of life and is an eye catcher, so do you want your walls to be lively?


Light, lamps and candles are an important part of our everyday lives, either we need warm light to feel cosy or a more daylight- ish tone to work properly and why not combine a necessity with design and make the best out of both worlds. Here are some of my favorite objects for illumination.

Hängelampe Modo Wire Round
Modo Wire by KARE Design

I really love the entanglement of this one. It is highly attractive. Unfortunately my ceiling is so high that I can’t reach my chandelier 😀


Hängelampe Modo Wire
Modo Wire by KARE Design

The same one, just a little more narrow.

I hoped you enjoyed my first post about living and since I plan to re-decorate my apartment, I will show you some real life applications so you have some inspirations and ideas.

See you later this week with an outfit post 🙂

XO Ilija



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