Music and The Ghost Hours

People who follow me, know me and who read my blog know by now that I am a quite big fan of music. I don’t like any genre specifically but more music with special rhythm, melodies and harmonies, fascinating lyrics and individual arrangements. I already did a lot of fashion postings this time of a year and especially since I am in Antwerp, but not so much music. 

Of course there have been a lot of artists out there right now giving me chills, like CHVRCHES, Adele, Oh Wonder, Banks, Lana Del Rey, Michael Blume, AYER, Xylø, The Dø, Cathedrals and so on. Yet, it is quite hard to do an interview with someone like Adele, CHVRCHES etc. or I already did one with them like the one with Michael Blume.

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-15 um 23.35.01Anyways, I wouldn’t be interested in doing some interview with a big famous singer on my site because everyone knows them already and as you give me the chance to be a fashion/lifestyle blogger, I want to give unknown artists a chance to show themselves.
So, recently I went on soundcloud again to check out some tunes and I discovered Ghost HoursImmediately I fell for his tracks and I couldn’t help myself but ask him to do an interview with me. 🙂

Gladly he said yes and now I want you to introduce you to Ghost Hours in a little Q&A we did:

1. Would you be so kind to introduce yourself, who is “Ghost Hours”?

“Ghost Hours” is me, Ron Fountenberry, that’s all!

2When did you decide to make music and especially to publish it?

Ghost-Hours-APCI’ve been making music for awhile. I used to be in a band called “Softlightes“, we were signed to Modular Records, home to Cut Copy and Tame Impala. Now I am just by myself trying to figure out what I’m doing.

3. Who or what inspires you in your creative process?

I love fashion and architecture. Film as well, musically my biggest inspirations right now are SBTRKT, Hot Chip and Kacy Hill.

4. What do you want people to feel and think, when listening to your music?
Love it, or hate it. Just feel something. I don’t want the music to be “Blah”
5.  “Fever” is a great track. What inspired you to do it?
Thanks! Fever started with some notes plucked out on an Ableton Push.  The Push is unique in that I don’t really know what notes I’m playing so I have to use my ears. Originally it was more “synthersizy” but then I mellowed it out.
6. What would your future in music look like, if you could choose?
One of the freedoms of no longer being on a label is being able to do whatever I want. I want to explore more options musically because now I can. I’ve been doing a ton of more “electronic” stuff lately, but at some point I’d like to get back to my roots which is more guitar oriented. We’ll see.
7. Is there some more stuff coming on its way?
Yes, hopefully at the top of 2016. I have a ton of music but finishing it is the hard part. I get very uninterested very easily.

To me, it sounds like I just found a musician full of passion and life for what he wants to do. It is beautiful to see someone doing such a great job and keeping the love for art the main driving force for his work.

Check out fever, right bellow here:


I wish Ghost Hours all the best and you should definitely check out his Soundcloud and follow him on his facebook and instagram .

Have a merry and wonderful christmas,

XO Ilija


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