Gold. Incense. Myrrh.

Soon it’s gifting season and I decided to do a little special for you guys and show you some ideas of things you can give to a man as a present for Christmas or even his birthday or anything else.

Now, since Gold is kind of expensive and no one really needs weed or resin, maybe we should consider endowing something else for this special time of the year. I collected 5 very nice items, from fashion to beauty and accessory that may please someones’ needs to be gifted. Let’s begin


The New York Times 36 Hours: 150 Weekends In The USA & Canada Cloth-Bound Book Blue

If your beloved one loves to travel around the world, yet is limited in so precious time maybe this book is a perfect gift.
Giving you an idea of how to spend your weekend out and about in another city, it is the ideal company on one of his trips. And even though, this copy here is for the US and Canada, there are other versions as well for Europe, Australia, Asia, Oceania and Latin America and the Caribbean.


Duly Noted Cross-Grain Leather Panama Notebook Gray

In order to keep track of all the things, the restaurants, the venues and maybe the beaches or the mountains you want to discover when you finished the 36 hours book, you should write it all down and wouldn’t it be great to have a nice notepad to do this? Yes, exactly my point too. I got one from my sister last year, with very soft beige suede cover and I love it. I think it is very nice to have something proper to write in and I must say all of my blog posts are firstly written into my notepad before published online. I’m so old school… 😉


TOPMAN Herschel Rucksack, schwarz

I really don’t know why all of the products I gathered kind of seem to be a first aid kid for a travel and for jumping out of your bed and just be ready to go, but you know what they say, once you have a drive, go with it. Anyway, this very nice Herschel backpack with the smooth brown leather strips above the ochre color reminds me of a Safari or a adventure in the rainforest of the Kongo. Still, you can wear that nice bag to work or for fun too, as it really looks fashionable and multi- usable.


Nixon - Time Teller A045 - Armbanduhr - Braun

Lately I have been very much into watches. I really don’t know why, maybe because I got older and way more basic and confident in what I like to wear and what I like to see on myself. Howsoever, I am really in love with Nixon, since I found them on Instagram. Their timeless designs and touch of art makes me want to buy all of their products. One of my favorites is this watch above. Very simple, a little rose gold action here and there and some grey. I would be a happy man with this watch.


Men's Society - Wasch-Set fürs Wochenende - Mehrfarbig

Coming back to that travel thing I had going on 2 items before. This little care kit for men on their way is really nice and neat. Containing a facial cleanser, shampoo, shower gel, a facial moisturizer and minty toothpaste, it has everything you need for a weekend away. Additionally  it comes in a very nice box, which almost doesn’t need any extra packaging. Remember to save paper and trees, folks!


I really hope you liked this post and hopefully I gave you some ideas on what to buy and give away for this Christmas.

XO Ilija 


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