Sweater Weather

…And suddenly it got super cold.
Friday was a rainy day in Antwerp – oh wonder – but still it was quite warm, regarding the temperature. When I woke up yesterday, I couldn’t believe it, snow! It was snowing, though it didn’t last it brought some cool air with it and now, I think it is totally time to say goodbye to “spring in November” and welcome winter.

Due to this fact and because we are coming closer and closer to the festive season of the year (article is coming) I decided to show you my favorite sweaters for winter/christmas season. It’s not that I just bought them recently, most of my favorite clothes are a little older then the consumers economy would like them to be, yet I love them and in my opinion I can pull them off as classics and mix them with so many other things I have and will buy.

x Cable – Knit Sweaters x

I would really like to know how to knit myself such a sweater and I already tried to convince my mum to make me one, but her excuse is that it is either too expensive or that she can not see properly anymore and doesn’t want to mess it up. Guess, she is right and kindly saying “No, don’t want to”.

Anyways, thanks to the power of online shopping, I bought my cable- knitted sweater from Asos. I know it is nothing witty and almost everyone can buy it and wear and have it, but since the moment it arrived in a huge package (reconsider that Asos) I fell in love. I wear it throughout the whole cold season. It’s classy, casual but can come off very elegant if you combine it with a bottom up shirt.


Here are some more ideas of a cable- knit sweater.

Only & Sons - Pullover in Grobstrick - Mittelgrau meliert
Only & Sons
TOPMAN Strickpullover mit buntem Zopfmuster, weinrot

x Christmas Vibe x

Do you know those nice sweaters with christmasy patterns and symbols on it. You know, the one with ornament like specimen? Well, I bought one of those like 2-3 years ago and everyone likes it, it is a very simple sweater. The plain black and the very loud green mix perfectly and since it has some nice christmas-y, norwegian patterns I consider it as one of my favorite christmas sweaters.


Here are some other ideas for you guys.

RHODE ISLAND Rhode Island Pullover grau
Rhode Island



JOHN DEVIN John Devin Norwegerpullover beige
John Devin

And I couldn’t help but post this one too, ’cause I though it was funny 😉

NEXT Next Rundhalspullover mit Weihnachtsmann blau

I hope you liked the post and I wish you all a nice week and shoutout to all my american and canadian readers, I wish you a happy thanksgiving.

XO Ilija


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