Paris, I Love You

So, I went to Paris and whoever said that the city is not cool or ugly or not worth seeing, is a moron. You hear a lot about Paris, you see a lot of Paris in movies and pictures, yet it is a completely different thing being there, standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, walking the Rue Royal, passing the Louvre. In this blog I want to give you some impressions of what I have seen and experienced in Paris according to fashion and styles.

I knew Paris is the fashion capital of the world and I expected something very extreme and in a way an explosion of different styles and various tastes, but no. Paris is simple, people there are very simple. Yet, don’t get me wrong, I mean simple in a good way. They take their bodies and put them in dark modern clothes, with a litte touch of a different color. A guy I saw in the metro, he was dressed all in black and just had some touch of color on his feet, wearing similar boots as I have. Of course he must have read my blog but maybe he even figured that outfit out on his own 😉

2015-11-05 16.01.35Another girl I saw was dressed in very similar colors, covering herself with a dark green trench coat and blue hair. You would assume it would color clash but it didn’t. She looked very inspiring.

All in all I’ve got to say that Parisian look very elegant and classy, not too chic but always dressed appropriate. Still, they don’t look hipster or too vintage-y. They look sophisticated and again simple, a very very nice simple. I really want to see them in summer though. If you’ve been there in summers let me know what you have experienced.

Now, as I wore off all my black stuff and my other, colorful things, I decided one day, I should go denim in Paris. If you’ve read my first article ever, you must know that double denim is trendy anyway. I remember a time though, when I wore the same shades of denim and it looked like I had an overall – not so nice.

Yet, this time I learned my lesson and went with two different shades. The complete outfit was my denim combo with my black coat, my boots and my sunglasses. Unfortunately I was too hot – 22 °C in November–  to wear my coat on the rooftop terrace of the gallery La Fayette, so I took it off. Anyways, here is my outfit.


If you want a similar shirt and nice sunglasses with it, go ahead and check out those two items I picked for you bellow.

ASOS - Runde Sonnenbrille in Schwarz mit Gold - Schwarz

… and of course a nice denim shirt

minimum Jeanshemd 'Square' blau

I love Paris and if you liked this article, tell me so I can show you more of my travels and the different styles of fashion people around Europe and maybe the world have. Since I met a lot of new people on my semester abroad there will be a lot of traveling next year 😉

Hope you liked the post, see you soon.

XO Ilija


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