Baby, it’s cold outside.

If you follow me on Instagram you certainly saw that I met a lovely person from Greece who is a fashion blogger as well. The first moments were thrilling and we decided that we have to do a feature together, so we did.

This sunday, obviously, you can read and see something about my favorite picks for fall/winter fashion 2015/16 and on wednesday you can go to to read more about Anna’s favorite picks for fall and winter fashion for the ladies.

— Just A Plain White Tee

I love basic fashion and right now, if you go through all the fashion magazines you can see that muted colors are very trendy and everywhere on the runway, but that is not why I chose them. In fact you will see that I did something completely different for my second outfit. Anyway, I like basics. They are simple and the colors fit to everything you want to wear, or have you ever heard someone saying “Urgh, this black is so color blocking?!” No, you haven’t! Many people tend to say that basic colors are boring and wear shining, glowing and glittery stuff. Yet, this is not true, it is just the HOW you combine it with other cloths you have. Here is my “basic” outfit for winter/fall 2015:


You can see that I decided to go basic on my upper body, with a plain white tee and a short black coat for men. Downunder I chose to wear a light blue jeans and my boots I presented to you in a previous post. In my opinion it gives a nice contrast to the white and black I wear on top and some color to a rather grey day season.

If you wanna go for a similar outfit, check out some of those options

NEXT Next Jeans blau
NEXT Jeans
MENLOOK LABEL - Schwarzer Mantel Shawn

— Bring in the 90’s

Right now, the beauty and fashion world is all about the 90’s. I don’t know who actually brought it back, but I assume it was a Kardashian girl. Anyway, I am actually kinda glad about it, as I love the 90’s. They were the happy trance, grunge decade everyone went spiritual and binge- watched Buffy, Charmed or SATC (I go with Buffy, though). The fashion? It was very broad and wide for men, with a lot of denim and college sweaters. For the girls, either cropped tops, short dresses, muted make up or dungarees. Simply fantastic!
Yet, in order not to look like a completely lost-in-time person this fall/winter I combined my black coat and scarf with a light- turquoise sweater and again my light- blue jeans with my lovely boots.

And by the way, the look worked. My friend Line told me that I looked like Brandon Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210 when I wore that outfit. So, jackpot I guess.


And again, if you want something resemblant, go ahead and check the stuff bellow.

SELECTED HOMME Strickpullover Crew neck - weiss

I hope you enjoyed the post today and I wish you a very nice and pleasant sunday. Don’t forget to tune in on 4fashionsquare on wednesday.

XOXO Ilija



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