These Boots Are Made For…

It is cold… At least it is colder in Antwerp than in Vienna and I sort of didn’t expect me to get super wet and freezing my butt off that fast. Anyway, as I couldn’t carry all of my cloths with me (you know RyanAir policy) and I didn’t even have space for all of them, I left my boots at home. A little stupid but okay at least I got an idea for a new blog post.So I went online and looked through different stores and shops. It took me a while to find something nice but I succeeded and I wanted those:

Selected Homme - Leon - Wüstenstiefel aus Wildleder - Bronze
Selected Homme

I loved the color, the form, their lining, simply everything. Yet, I didn’t order them, as I thought that I might find something else in Antwerp, in the cool shops and concept stores they have around here. And look how lucky I am, the same shoes in Antwerp in a concept store called the The Fat MooseI considered this a sign from some kind of fashion god and I bought them, and now I will show you two outfits you can wear this boots with.

∆ C∆SU∆L D∆Y

These boots are made for any kind of opportunity. Wether it is something classy or elegant, or something casual, you can wear them with almost anything. This is why I decided to put on some blue jeans and a raglan shirt. The outfit is cool, casual and fashionable. Right now raglan shirts are very popular, even though they are an oldie, dating back to the early 90s. Anyway, the only thing the boots might not suit you is with a suit actually or summer shorts.


If you want the same outfit, go ahead and buy this nice stuff:

ASOS - Lang geschniittenes langärmliges T-Shirt mit Aztekenprint an den Ärmeln
Lee Jeans im Vintage-Design 'Luke' Herren blau
Lee Jeans


It is one of my favorite things to do to wear an all black outfit these days. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel confident, mysterious and a little provocative too somehow. I guess black has a very strong expression, even though it doesn’t scream “HERE I AM” as much as other colors do.

Yet, there is a reason why the little black one is such a top-seller in women’s wear and why black is an all time go in business and other important stuff. It makes you look powerful. But before I get off the point, I want to show you how I combined my boots with a all-in-black outfit. I think it is a very nice style, and it looks ‘okay’ but a little bit boring. Yet with the boots bringing in the color, it has some extra spice to it, making the outfit simply cool.


Here are some pieces you might wanna consider buying, if you like this outfit

LEVI'S - Jeans 510 Slim schwarz
Levi’s 510
Farah - T-Shirt mit langen Ärmeln in Slim Fit, EXKLUSIV - Schwarz
Farah Longsleeve

I hope you liked the post and the boots, and the outfits, and the pictures.
See you next week, with something special 😉

XOXO Ilija


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