Hello guys and girls, I hope you are having a wonderful day, cause I am since I found out the beautiful singer Adele is having a new album in November thanks to Billboard. Anyway, when we are talking about music I must say that I am a little nerd regarding music. I love to check out new bands and singers and it’s really hard for me to say what genre I like. I mean,  I might consider my Spotify playlist very variable. There are so many different artists and tunes I love listening too and I really enjoy finding new artists. Recently Disclosure posted a track I listened to on Soundcloud and I don’t know if you use Soundcloud but when a track is finished it continues playing songs resemblant to the genre and artists you just listend to. That is how it came along that I had the pleasure listening to Michael Blume and his amazing tune “Manufactured Love“. I was addicted to it and still am, so addicted I asked Michael if he would do a little 5 question interview with me about his music, NYC and his future. Here it is, raw and uncut:

How would you describe your music? Is your music making up a big part of your lifestyle?

I’ve been calling my music progressive R&B future soul.  It’s taking musical threads, tones, changes, rhythms from the R&B/Soul/Gospel tradition, updating them with some electronic flares, and complicating them with a lyrical content that is politicized, conscious, and activist. Making music is definitely a big part of my lifestyle – I write songs and sing and create all day long.

How does music influence your life, what or who are your inspirations and influences?

mblumeMusic has always been my deepest and greatest form of self expression.  I use song and words to talk about my feelings, my joy, my anger, my frustrations, as well as those of others. 

I think working in music and with other musicians has taught me to be flexible, creative, inventive, think on my feet, and most important: Have a lot of patience!

I have tons and tons of inspirations. I grew up listening  to soul classics like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle and Donny Hathaway.  But I also love jazz vocalists and folk music and more contemporary RnB.  I also like modern pop music – the radio hits.  I’ve been really into this group called Honne and the singer Kwabs from the UK.  My friend John Splithoff here in NYC is also a great influence and friend.  At the end of the day music is either good or not so good.  Not all music is to my taste, but it’s still good.

Your tune „Manufactured Love“ is amazing. What does is it stand for and what do you want the people to feel or think when they listen to the song or your music?

The songs is about the ways in which I feel money can corrupt love. I loooovestudied at Yale University here in the U.S. and I actually wrote the song while I was there. Sometimes we get so caught up in consumption of things that we forget what really matters and we forget how to love. 

New York is a great city, and a lot of artists claim that NY has a great impact on them and their work. Would you say the same for you and your music?

DEFINITELY!  New York City is amazing.  I have been blessed to travel a fair amount and I’ve seen some wonderful places, but there is no place like NYC!

When can we expect more music from you and will you ever consider coming to Vienna?

I am putting out a ton more music over the next few months with a full EP project at the end of the year, and yeah I hope to be in Vienna soon!

Thanks Michael for having the time and keep on doing what you do.

I hope you enjoyed the blog post, see you next time.

xoxo Ilija


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