I know that in my previous article I said that I would be writing about hair care and that I’d write articles even more often, but as it comes I have a lot to do right now, preparing my exchange semester and so less time for the blog. Anyway, I see that changes have to be made, as I don’t have or will have the time to write exceptionally long articles anymore even though I know you love them. So I went online and researched through other blogs about lifestyle and fashion and I realized that most of those blogs are following the KISS principle, keep it short and simple. So I couldn’t help but wonder (ALERT!! SATC Reference), should I do the same?! Well, why not. It’d be the best way to give you guys something to read and for me the chance to make my articles more personal. On the other I’m not very satisfied with the direction I was going with my blog anyway, so I was thinking it all through…

Starting right now, I want to give you an idea of what I am about to do. Since I am going to Antwerp, one of Europe’s most fashionable cities and not just because of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, I will hopefully see a lot of well dressed and cool people. My intention would be to interview a lot of people, show you small shops of regional designers and retailers and focus on exceptional styles and less on trends. I know that I could have done that before but in the beginning I wasn’t sure how to shape my blog. With this few words I very much would like to apologize to you for taking my time and think about the future of my website.

Now that it’s all said and done I want to give you a hint on what this Sunday is about to come. Lately I am fascinated by hats, especially for men. I’ve always considered hats more of a female fashion accessory but recent trends and male fashionistas show that hats, worn by men can jazz up an basic outfit in a bit. Moreover I did a hat shooting with few of my friends and I am very grateful for their help and support.

This would be it for now and I think we’ll see each other later this week when I show you cool head fashion.

XOXO Ilija


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