Classics in Leather

I know it’s been a long time since you heard from me, but what can I say – I’m a grad student and I had classes and exams to attend. So it’s rather unfortunate, but I had to put off my beloved blog for a while. Nonetheless I’m back and I’ve got some great things prepared for you guys. Today I want to kick off my comeback with an old classic – leather.
See, here is the thing. A long time now the leathery trends have vanished due to other fabrics, PETA or simply because leather is still considered an old mens’ fashion. But let me tell you, there is reason why it is still present everywhere you look around, because leather is awesome. Not only is it very resistible, it has this certain amount of class when you wear it. Wether you just have a nice old leather bag making you look like a nerd that doesn’t care much about fashion but more about quality or a business guy wearing off leather in the most perfect way you could, shoes fitting to belt, fitting to your wallet, fitting to your bag and maybe even your sunglasses. You know the quote “Money can’t buy class!” Well not in this case, and I assure I’ve gathered fine fashion for a moderate price. Let’s do this.


I remember times when men didn’t care much about a proper footwear but wore just anything (even ugly) just to avoid foot contact with the solid ground. Yet the hipster, high fashion and whatsoever wave took over mens’ world and we became more interested in bottom wear. Still, there was a trend that didn’t vanish throughout the years of different styles and fashion eras. Can you guess what it is? Of course leather! So I collected various types of leather shoes just for you to see how great it can be…

Dr. Martens 1460Z DMC SM-CR, Unisex-Erwachsene Bootsschuhe, Rot (Cherry Red), 46 EU (11 Erwachsene UK)
Dr. Martens UNISEX Boots

The Dr. Martens are stylish boots wearable for both, men and women and it is a nice way to stay safe in winter.

NEXT Next Stiefel braun
NEXT Boots

These boots from NEXT are simply rocking your feet. I personally love the blue line on the bottom, it gives something special to this rather simple shoe.

Daniel Hechter HD15035, Herren Derby Schnürhalbschuhe, Blau (navy 423), 44 EU
Daniel Hechter Derby Shoes

Those shoes are great for going on a nice cocktail party or even to the office. One of my professors always said, he appreciates things that are multi- useable. Well, here is a shoe ready for anything you wanna do.

And just for those guys wondering why I left out the white sneakers everyone is wearing right now, well because everyone is wearing them (wrong). White shoes can only be worn with light colors like light denim, pastel colors or with white. They can freshen up an outfit but white sneakers just look gross when they are dirty, so go for leather or clean that mess up.


Bags have always been very handy, for men and women. The only thing different is that the bag-trend for men took a little while to fully come back from the contemptuous rumor that bags “are not” for men. Thanks to the hipster scene and the gunny bag even a shopping sack can be worn as a fashionable accessory. Yet, I am focusing on the good old leather bags. I remember times when I was little and I dreamt of being a student with a cool brownish leather bag for my books. Now that I know better, I can’t wait to get my degree, but still I want that leather bag, and maybe I’ll get one of these…

CAMEL ACTIVE camel active Umhängetasche aus Leder flamingo

I know that I usually post items of low or acceptable prices, but even though this bag is a little bit expensive it is totally worth the investment. You know what they say, leather is tough as a bull and made for a lifetime.

ASOS - Elegante Leder-Satchel in Braun - Braun
ASOS – Leather Bag


For those who might not know it, a hanging pair of jeans or pants isn’t attractive, nor fashionable. Pull yourself together, you are a man not a teenage boy trying to impress who? The diaper industry? And for that reason you simply need a belt. Black or brown are the colors to go, never buy a belt in a sharp color or white.

Cordwainer Gürtel CAPRI
Cordwainer Belt

A nice leather belt for any purpose. Handmade in Spain, go get it!

strellson Gürtel

 If you don’t fancy broad belts like me and want a moderate width, then you should definitely go with this STRELLSON belt.

I hope you enjoyed reading “me” again and hopefully I could give you some nice leathery ideas and impressions for your own closet or maybe as a gift for gentlemen of your choice. Next time it will be all about hair products.


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